We became Cruise Planners Maryland travel agents because our love of travel led us to it. We still have places left on our bucket list that we wish to see. However, as seasoned travelers we knew we wanted to share the world with others. Planning a vacation takes time. Mistakes made in the process can be costly. As travel agents we never charge additional fees. Not ever. We get paid only the commission that the carriers set aside, and it is the same for all agents.

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So what can a travel agent really do for you? What’s the benefit? Well, if you use a travel agent and something happens to your booking, it’s the agent who goes to bat for you and spends hours on the phone, not you. You see, travel agents have dedicated reps they deal with to handle issues that might arise.

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A Cruise Planner travel agent like us, may be able to get you extra incentives or offer that you can’t get if you book directly. And if you want to book a group, well, you really will want an agent for that, because that can be a nightmare and again, you might get other perks.

Experience is another huge part of it. As a Cruise Planners Maryland travel agent we have experience and can help you out with tips and tricks to make your vacation better and more memorable. Call us at 855-4CRUISING !

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