Lounge Chair Hogs
Lounge Chair Hogs

One of the most frustrating issues for cruisers is the issue of lounge chair hogs. Everyone wants a great spot by the pool, when they are close to the pool, the bar, and the sun. Unfortunately, many cruisers get up early and go place towels and sometimes personal belongings on the loungers in order to make them appear to be in use. However the simple truth is, that after depositing towels and other sundries onto the loungers, many people don’t show back up for hours at a time.

How to deal with the lounge chair hogs…

While it may sound hopeless, it’s not. Many cruise lines have signs up to warn and discourage passengers from this practice. Furthermore, on many ships the crew is taking a more active role in removing these items. After all the cruise lines want the loungers to be available for guests who are ready to use them. If you see a lounger (or loungers) you are interested in, don’t take it upon your self to move the items. The last thing you want is for the owner to show up and then in the next moment, you’re in the middle of a poolside drama.

The attendant is your friend!

Just let the attendant know you want the loungers. Typically they need to be unattended for thirty minutes or more. as you can see, it’s pretty easy to get decent chairs. Additionally, if someone is sitting next to the chairs you want, you can ask if they’re in use. It’s also helpful to ask how long the occupants have been gone. This can be helpful information for the attendant.

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