So will you choose to use WiFi on vacation or will you join in the digital detox revolution? The choice is ultimately yours to make, but before you travel it’s helpful to know what some of the associated costs. These WiFi tips can save you money, sometimes hundreds of dollars.

Okay, we need to cover both sides of this, right? First we will take a look at digital detox, and then we will look at how to stay connected. And yes, we do shut off our phones and lock them in our cabin safe when on vacation, and I refuse to buy a WiFi package. The world, in my opinion, can wait while I make family memories. After all, it waited before Wifi was even a thing when I was growing up and we all survived just fine.

Disconnecting – No WiFI On Vacation

Just go as analog as you can. Bring books to read, magazines and puzzles, sketching paper, or a family game like Cards Against Humanity. Remember that any time you are logged in to some other device while you are away is time you are not present on your vacation. You’ve checked out.

Turn off notifications on your phone and other devices. One minute you are texting a quick note and the next you’ve just spent an hour on Facebook. Put your phone in airplane mode. Turn it OFF. Trust me, life goes on and will keep just fine.

Warn people you’ll be out of touch. Create an out of office notification for your email. Next, use the Do Not Disturb function in the settings section of your phone to customize an automated reply to texts. It’s really going to be just fine. You might be surprised how many other people do this and don’t think twice about it. And if you MUST login, well I have tips for that too. Keep reading.

Find a destination where you don’t have coverage. Tell the kids in advance and lock the phones away when you arrive. Connect with each other and live in the experience. It’s amazing how good it feels to let go and just relax, while enjoying your adventure uninterrupted by the outside world.

Skipping The Digital Detox – About WiFi Use

Remember when cruising really meant getting away from it all? Everyone was disconnected and unaware of work piling up at the office. There were no cell phones buzzing with messages, no laptops in your luggage, you just kicked back and relaxed. Oh my how times have changed.

Even at sea, the internet has become a huge part of our lives. WiFi is available on just about all seagoing cruise ships. Major lines are investing millions of dollars in their communication infrastructures. Happily for the cruise lines more passengers are finding WiFi service and prices more acceptable. This allows people to stay connected at sea. And yes, just like drivers with hand held devices, people who bury their faces in their phones while walking on deck or in public places may walk right into you.

Improvements to these services will continue to roll out on cruise ships. Sending emails, streaming movies and Skype or FaceTime with friends will be relatively simple. But take note, there will always be some level of unreliability, especially the farther out to sea you sail.

More WiFI Tips

For a faster Internet connection, try using it when few people are online, such as late at night or in port while most passengers are ashore. While the ship is out at sea more people are sharing limited bandwidth. Your connection will be slower. Some ships switch to land-based towers when closer to shore, so try saving your usage for times when you’re near land.

There isn’t much difference between connecting through WiFi or through a cable port in your cabin. Also, the ship’s Internet cafe probably won’t offer any difference in the connection.

The fastest and lowest cost connection will always be ashore. For those who simply want to be sure that all is well at home, using free WiFi in port with may be the best option of all.

Regarding email, try writing your email in a word processing program and then copy and paste it to email. Click send, and you are done. You can compose items offline, and then just login to send them. It might save you time and money both.